Monday, October 17, 2016

Noodle Making Workshop at Global Roots

Global Roots is a program run by The Stop Community Food Centre and CultureLink, for newcomer seniors and youth to share time, knowledge and camaraderie through gardening and food. Today, the Italian senior gardeners taught everyone how to make noodles from scratch!

Here's the basic recipe:
100 g  all purpose flour
1         egg
Estimated amount of water, enough to make the dough stick together nicely.

The Italian seniors were very patient in their explanation. Everyone else was very happy to get to see the demonstration from start to finish. The process is not difficult, but it is somewhat tedious and time consuming.

Yves getting in on the action of rolling out the noodle dough

 We have to first mix the ingredients, then cut the dough into palm sized blocks, flatten each of them out using the noodle making machine, and fold and flatten each of them repeatedly, then roll them through the machine again to cut them into noodle-thin strips, and coating the dough with flour every step of the way, to prevent sticking.

Fatoumata, Janeila and Isidora helping separate the noodles using flour.

Despite the multiple steps we had to go through to make the noodles, the end result was incredibly satisfying. The noodles were cooked in a big pot and dressed in two different styles of sauces made by Angel, our staff from The Stop. It was delicious!

The gardening season is almost over, so things in the gardens are winding down. There's still lots to do to clean and prepare for the next growing season. Next week, we will be planting garlic bulbs and mulching the gardens for the winter.

Check out our find

We will be celebrating the last day of our program for this season on Oct 31. Join us for our Harvest Party + Halloween celebration!

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