Thursday, October 27, 2016

CultureLink Annual General Meeting

CultureLink is a non-profit organisation that serves newcomers and the community through a wide range of programs for youth, seniors, refugees, women groups and more. The youth programs give us an opportunity to get to know new friends, give back to society through volunteering, try our new activities like sports and arts and craft, go on outings and more.

Every year, CultureLink invites the community to join them in celebrating the wonderful work that they do for the community. This day, we joined in the celebration of Cultural Diversity at CultureLink.

A celebration of cultural diversity at CultureLink
We got to help out with the preparation for this exciting event. We helped design the culture murals and put them up on display. We also helped with the decoration and other logistics at the event. It was a fun way to hang out with friends. We also got to enjoy some refreshment of bite-size delights of different cultures.

Fun time volunteering with friends

"Many cultures, One CultureLink"

Lynda and Zarina, two of the Youth Program Workers at CultureLink, dressed in their cultural traditional outfits.

Our youth volunteer team
Get crafty!

Chow Time!
To find out more about our youth program, check out our calendar of events!

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