Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What our Youths say about our program

Wendy Zhang:

The CultureLink youth program is a program for youth an newcomer to Canada,also it is one of the programs I have been to and liked

Wendy (far left) and her friends attending a dance performa

I have joined it for a short time, but I learned many things
For instance, with the staff who works for this program introduced my friends and me to go to the Global Roots Garden to volunteer each Monday. Not only we can get some volunteer hours for helping the senior participants who are in the gardens, we also learn some things about planting.

Wendy with the other youth gardeners of Global Roots Program

The youth program is an interesting and fun program. I wish more and more people can join this program!

By: Wendy Zhang

Annie Sahagian:

I've arrived to Canada on 29th of January 2016, I think I've started coming to the youth program at CultureLink sometime in April. 
It has impacted my life I'm many ways, first of all I had fun during the activities, I've learned new things, and made friends! 

CultureLink is one of the many organisations for newcomers in Canada. Its main target is to make newcomers interact with society, to make their transition easier.

Annie (second from left) taking part in the Global Roots Garden

Annie (right) and sister Carly, volunteering at a Luminato event.
CultureLink Youth is for youth newcomers, to help make them feel that there's someone by their side in a new strange world, and the most important thing is that they have made me feel so welcomed to Canada by their great programs which encourage you to interact! 

CultureLink even encouraged me to volunteer at Luminato Festival which I'm so excited to be a part of!

Annie (middle wearing white cap with maple leaf) with other newcomer youth at Toronto Island, summer picnic

Thanks CultureLink! I hope you continue this great work you're doing with newcomers!

By: Annie Sahagian

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