Thursday, June 30, 2016

Potluck Picnic at Centre Island

To celebrate the start of the summer break, the youth of CultureLink's programs met up for a potluck picnic to Centre Island on Jun 30.
Youth of CultureLink at Centre Island

We met up at the subway station and headed for the ferry terminal. There was a huge line-up for tickets at the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal Park, but we didn't waste any time at all. We got to know the youth from the other CultureLink programs through some interactive ice breaker games.

We were all hungry once we got to the island. Because it is a potluck picnic, everyone brought a little something to share with everyone else. Erica's home-made lasagna and brownies were worth special mention. They got snapped up within seconds, and they were delicious!

Erica (in red) and friends enjoying lunch

The weather was beautiful, and the lunch was delicious. We chilled out afterwards, and had the opportunity to get to know one another better.

CJ in cape

Roldan being in the limelight

Jose getting in touch with nature

After lunch, we played some games and then went to the beach for some water and sun.

Enjoying the beautiful sun and sand

CultureLink offers many opportunities for youth to socialise, grow, learn, experience new things and make friends. Check out our calendar for updates.

Thanks Playing for Keeps for supporting the event!

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