Monday, June 13, 2016

Harvesting our delicious, nutritious hard work

Global Roots is an intergenerational gardening program that connects newcomer youth and seniors through activities like gardening, learning about food and food equity issues. 

We are only in the month of June, and there are already lots of delicious greens to harvest. Garlic scapes, basil, bak choy, lettuce, kale and arugula were harvested. We also planted some other flowers and seedlings into the plots that are now ready for growing more stuff.

Youth and seniors harvesting delicious greens in the early-mid season
This program in partnership between The Stop Community Food Centre and CultureLink benefits the newcomer youth and seniors profoundly. The youth get to learn about growing their own food, and to learn from the seniors in the program. They also get to learn about other cultures through mingling with all the other senior and youth participants of the program who are from diverse cultural backgrounds. The seniors also welcome the help of the youth in doing the heavier part of the gardening work.

Lettuce, kale and bak choy galore!

Best of all, the participants all get to bring home a share of their own hard labour. What can be better in building friendship than through the sharing of good, delicious, healthy food?

Youth excited about splitting up the lettuce and arugula loot.
There are many opportunities for youth to take part in gardening! If you are interested in joining us, check out the information here.

You can also check out the following for other food education and gardening opportunities:

By: Lynda Young

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