Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thanks CultureLink for Wintegration!

Watching a hip hop performance at Koerner Hall, Mar 1, 2014, Thanks to Kids Up Front

The Wintegration Youth program is a great place with a lot of opportunities. Here you can practice your language, find a lot of new friends, learn new things about sports, and so on. You can also try our different sports, or get to watch how professionals do it. Also, you get the opportunity to earn volunteering hours while having fun and learning.
Learning boxing and leadership skills with MJKO Boxing in Feb 2014, thanks to ParticipAction

For kids who are new in Canada, it's the right place to start your Canadian life, because our group is very friendly and we are always happy to see new faces in our family. Also here you can find a lot of new information for your future life, and some advice about education and health. And here, you can start to do your volunteer hours.
Trying out something new all the time - Dance session on Sep 19, 2013

When I came to the Culturelink’s Wintegration Youth program, I was a very shy person because I felt that my English wasn't good enough for me to speak with people, but I quickly realised that you need to speak in order to improve your language. Also, this program helped me to learn about Toronto and different places here. For example we went to visit a farm, had a fun day in wonderland, watched games at the Air Canada Centre, visited parks and so on. So, we were able to visit a lot of places and all of them were in different locations all over Toronto.
Making friends while having fun! Ice skating at Dufferin Grove Park all winter 2013/2014

I have always loved sports, and this program is exactly suitable for people like me! I always participate in school sports teams because it's fun and also it's very good for me. When I came to Wintegration, I didn't expect that we will have the chance to go to watch games played by Toronto teams like Raptors, Marlies, Rock and etc. I learned a lot of new rules about my favourite sports and also I had chance to see a lacrosse game for the first time! It was an amazing experience for me because I have never heard of this sport before then. I have also never seen a baseball game live, so it was a great chance for me to get to watch a Blue Jay’s game. This is thanks to the partnership between CultureLink and Kids Up Front.

Wonderful opportunities for us to watch different sports! Lacrosse game at Air Canada Centre, Feb 7, 2014

I am very thankful for CultureLink for this amazing program!

Written by: Flyura Zakirova
Edited by: Lynda

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