Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thanks Kids Up Front for Raptors Game tickets!

                                                    Toronto Raptors Game!

Wintegration Youth goes to the Raptors Games, Thanks for Kids Up Front for the tickets!
Wei and Long taking a photo with the Raptors Girls!

Exciting game and entertainment!

“This game is so fun, thank you Kids Up Front!” said Aleksandra Kobyleca

“The game was amazing but it was pity that Raptors lost!" said Jessica Wang

“Suzanne and I had a log of fun today!” said Antara Dhruba

“I really enjoyed it” said Tenzin Dheudul

Aleksandra and Paula

“I loved it. Thank you very much, Kids Up Front!” said Paul Tieu

“We had fun, and thank you for bringing such a great opportunity for us to go see basketball. I hope we’ll get to go see it again!” said Glidsada Terbgaya

Everyone had a lot of fun!!!
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