Monday, February 25, 2013

NYC Great Big Crunch!

On Monday, Feb 25, CultureLink's Newcomer Youth Centre's youths took part in Foodshare's Great Big Crunch 2013!

We love Ontario apples! - Wintegration

The Great Big Crunch is an annual event hosted by Foodshare to encourage kids and youths to think about our food source, and to show support for local farmers. So, we sourced for some local produce today!
Ontario grown MacIntosh apples
Ontario grown carrots

Local produce take shorter time to get to our grocery stores, so they are fresher and hence more nutritious for us.
Also, by supporting local farmers, we are also helping to support a healthier local  agricultural market. This means that if we wished to visit a farm, we don't have to travel too far to get to one. There are many farms in Ontario, and they help to provide food for our cities.
We love Kale! - Girls taking Green Roots
There are many ways to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. Kale chips are made by simply putting the leaves into the oven with some olive oil. Delicious! We also made some tortilla wraps with carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, sweet peppers, hummus and cheese. Yummy!
Healthy Snack - Tortilla with veggies, hummus and cheese
Making healthy snacks is so easy. There are only some very simple rules to remember: do-it-yourself and get fresh ingredients.
Making healthy snacks can be fun and easy!
We learnt about the history of apples and some useful nutritional facts. We also learnt more about how to have a healthy diet and learnt some tips on making some simple delicious snacks. Thank you Foodshare for the meaningful event!
Kale is good for you! - Girls Taking Green Roots
Healthy eating is about making healthy choices!

Tip of the day: the most nutritious part of an apple is the skin! So try eating the apple with the skin on!

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